Wednesday, October 29, 2008


K, so we just got back from our San Francisco trip and had a blast! It was the first time I had been back since the day I graduated high school. We were so glad we did it. We packed a ton into three days and were exhausted when we got home. We flew into San Francisco, stayed in a hotel there Thursday night, woke up and went sightseeing in the city - Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Wharf, tried to see Ghiradelli but it moved to San Leandro, Golden Gate, etc. Then we headed to Livermore and had dinner with Cindi and Pat in a nice downtown restaurant in Livermore - they totally redid downtown with nice shops, restaurants, fountains, a movie theater and a performing arts theater. The good old Donut Wheel was still there though so we had to get doughnuts - twice! Saturday I drove him to Wente Vineyard and around town - showed him my old house, school, etc. We had lunch with Marie DiBiase, but she couldn't go to the reunion because she had too much studying to do - we tried to get Katie to come out of her house, but she's barricaded herself there because she's a few months pregnant and thinks she looks fat - crazy girl. Sat night was the reunion and Sunday we hit the old 3rd ward and saw some old familiar faces.

Here are some pics, but I have to apologize that I wasn't very good at getting pics of people at the reunion - sorry Emily and Melanie! I wish you guys could've been there - missed you a ton. It was fun - we saw Paul and Amber, Josh Brecheisen and his wife Carly, Tara-Lee and Joe, Melissa Morris and her husband, JJ and his wife, Corey Turnbeaugh and his wife, Brent Burdios and his gf, Brett Abramson and gf, Jill Harkrader and hubby, Emily New and hubby, Kenon Willis and wife, Liz Stinson and hubby, Melissa Green, Debbie Berkhart and hubby, Kelly Fowler, Laura Furrey, Tara Hundal, Steffi Silva, and Stacy Taylor. Everyone asked about you two - all us Mormons have the same story - happy, healthy, married with two kids. :-)

Alcatrez - no time to go in

Eatin fish n chips and clam chowder on the Wharf - sooooo good! Shane ried and even liked the fish - he wouldn't go near the chowder though (bad seafood experiences on his mission)!

My fav - the sea lions. You just can't help but be happy around them.

Golden Gate Bridge and SF on the left

Awwwww - the old house. Good times.

Taking a break at Hagemann Park - we passed your house Emily. Brought back many a good memory!

At the Reunion

The Morning After - just like old times.

Saying goodbye to Baby Sy - he's two weeks old and we couldn't get enough of him. Such a quiet and sweet baby.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A day in the life of a 2 year old.... Throw books everywhere and on everyone and on everything. Eat a half a tube of toothpaste for lunch. Find the trail mix and eat out all the M&Ms. Push a chair over to the sink and water the kitchen with the sprayer. Eat a little food out of the garbage (I do offer her meals once in a while). Take a toy she didn't want her cousin to touch out onto the back porch and chuck it off the 2nd story patio. Try to pick the mole off her brother's back. Destroy brother's intricate Lego creation. Sneak in brother's room and turn it into a tornado-affected disaster area. Color with chalk all over Dad's car. Run into the street laughing. Climb up to the top shelf of the pantry. Climb onto the counter and attempt climbing onto the top of the fridge. (I swear I feed her) Insert toys into microwave. Insert toys into toaster oven. Sit on brother's head. Somersault into everything and bruise every part of her body. Run up and down the driveway yelling, "SUPERMAAAAAAAANNN" with one hand behind her back and one up in the "Hile Hitler" Superman flying pose. Did I mention that was naked? She's refusing to wear clothes unless someone comes to the door. Sneak up behind Mas, smile deviously and whack him on the head. Refuse to get out of the car. Refuse to get in the car........but......she stayed dry all week! So I'm still sane - sort of.


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This pic is 6 years old and I think I'm back to that hairstyle again already. We're officially dated now ladies - have you been to Charlotte Russe lately? Legging with lace and rhinestones, leg warmers - I remember when the 70's stuff was in during high school and my mom would say, "Oh I had an outfit just like that in high school!" I HATED IT! Now I'm old enough to say it?! And I actually bought leggings the other day - for myself - seriously. I was in a fashion runway diva wannabe mood. I'm such a weirdo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I promised this to a couple people a week ago – sorry it’s so late guys. Just some more tips and good reading for home remedies and good health care we’ve found useful. I believe in a mixed approach to health – this is not to replace a medical doctor completely, but in my experience these have helped me more than any doctor has. Med drs have an important but small role in our lives, which is actually a fulfillment of my patriarchal blessing – it’s really neat. No doctor was able to help my chronic fatigue, blood sugar issues, insatiable appetite, sleeping disorder, asthma, carpal tunnel, chronic migraines, dizziness, nausea and female problems. Max seems to have most of my same issues, so the blessings have gone to him too – truly an answer to prayers. Love you Jaymee and Rick and other Dr friends – you’re awesome – no hard feelings! So…

Great books on health

Nutritional Immunology by Dr. Chen
Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat by Dr Rudy Rivera &.Roger Davis Deutsch (It’s just the title – I don’t think anyone is fat!),
The Great Health Heist by Dr. Rosen
Herbal Home Health Care by Dr. John Christopher

Asthma Sufferers

CUT OUT ALL SUGAR AND REFINED GRAINS THAT TURN INTO SUGAR – Max and I did this and are off daily asthma meds now (we are other natural supplements prescribed by a naturopath that increase breathing ability) We need the occasional inhaler during peak pollen and ragweed season only. SERIOUSLY – sugar is the achilles heal for asthma sufferers. Shop at Whole Foods and look for 100% fruit and no sugar added products at grocery stores (beware of zero calorie and sugar-free stuff – it’s all chemicals that kill brain cells)

Sit in a sauna that has eucalyptus oil in it once a day – Lifetime Fitness does this.


Cut out dairy, sugar and chemicals from your diet (low cal, sugar free chemicals, msg and anything HYDROLYZED – that is their new term for chemically altered or enhanced since everyone figure out the msg thing)

Apply Dr. Christopher’s Original Formula to temples and behind ears (

See a chiropractor if that doesn’t work

Sore Throats

Mix honey and cayenne powder in a bowl and eat – it will coat your throat and numb it. Works great.

Female Irregularity and Menstrual Cramps, bloating, etc

Raspberry Leaf Tea. I had Aunt Flo visit for a month one time. If I drink raspberry leaf tea (I use the Yogi Brand) once every day or two it regulates her.

For cold’s with congestion (nasal or chest)

Cut out all dairy and sugar (don’t eat sugar at all ever anyway! It weakens most of your systems and depletes minerals in the body)
Throw in some minced garlic in your food after it is cooked ( I like to do tomato soup or spaghetti)

For chest congestion cut an onion in half and microwave it for 30 seconds. Cut a ½” off again to allow the juices to come out and apply to chest – works great for a baby that won’t sleep due to a chest cold. It helps break up mucus and allow better breathing. Also, don’t put them in polyester sleepwear - the fabric doesn’t breathe.

Apply Dr. Christoper’s Original Formula cream to chest, neck and behind ears

Ear Infections

Apply Dr. Christopher’s garlic drops in ears.

Hyperactivity in children

CUT OUT SUGAR – it has neurological side effects that are TERRIBLE and make it sooooo hard for the child to be calm, behave and focus.

Magnesium Lactate

Fish Oil

Difficulty Sleeping

With Max his lack of good sleep manifested itself as extreme irritability, for me, just plain constant fatigue. The solution is Magnesium Lactate – we get a very high quality one from the naturopath so I’m not sure if the health store kind cuts it.


If you're going to do it, have the doc order thimerosol-free (a lot of docs have these in stock now), do them one at a time and spread them out over time.

So, sorry for those who I’ve bored, but hopefully this is helpful to those who wanted it. Again, obviously I am not a dr or specialist, these are just things that have helped us drastically. Ear infections can get dangerous and chest infections can become pneumonia, so if you’re going to do these things, do them early and often so you can monitor if symptoms get worse regardless of these treatments. I use a naturopath when I get sick – he gives us Colostrum and whole food herbs/supplements that are very powerful. I have read studies about antibiotics that have made me wish them only as a last resort (not given to me by my naturopath wanting my business) and I have heard warnings from doctors themselves.

If you’re interested in a good naturopath that does nutrition response testing: 866-418-4801 ask for Andrea (this is for nutrition response testing that will tell you foods you are sensitive to) We are wheat, dairy and sugar so we live the word of wisdom through and through – non-wheat whole grains (corn/rice/millet/amaranth/spelt/kamut) , fruit, vegetables, beans, rice, nuts, seafood and meat. Our food source in the US is not what it used to be and the production of wheat now does not produce the good quality wheat it did years ago and especially not the kind the pioneers used to grow and use.