Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm tagging myself...I thought this was so funny on Jessie's blog and even though she didn't tag me, I'm doing it anyway cuz I'm a wannabe....and I found a new love of getting crazy images and videos off the, not those kinds!

Favorite Color - Purple......I don't know why. Maybe because I'm obsessed with being royalty and never having to do anything for myself. Don't ever tell my kids that. No, I find it to be a calming color I think. Interesting, yet calming. This picture is what happened last night in our skies. It's also how I'm feeling these days...split apart in eight thousand pieces while on fire. Pleasant thought, huh? Hey, it can't all be butterflies and chocolate and leaping leprechans. But, don't stop reading - it gets happier.

Favorite Animal - Butterfly...when I was in high school I wanted a small butterfly tattoo on my lower back, then my nemesis - this snotty Senior Girl who hated me for dating the Senior guys got one. Totally ruined it for me forever. Probably a good thing though. I just always loved how dainty, quiet and graceful they are....and harmless.

Bad Habit - Being A Neurotic Perfectionist...I'm way too hard on myself.

Am I has happy a neurotic as this guy?

Fav Food - There's no way I could choose one thing..... Some of my favs are pickles, steaks, salads, and tortilla soup.
That explains what happened to me! See mom and dad, I shouldn't have eaten all those pickles growing up! It's your fault that I'm evil.
I'll be your best friend if you buy me these earrings!

Fav Hobby - Picking my nose. It's very therapeutic.

A great representation of one of Shane's favorite sayings...."You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's noses." My kids are going to deep thinkers like their daddy, I just know it!

Have you seen these cups? Don't like your nose? These are "pick your nose cups" They had them at the plastic surgeon's office where I got my nose job (KIDDING). It was hard to keep the cup straight and look sideways into the mirror though. You'd think there would be a better way.

No, really it's ballet - it's spiritual, therapeutic and great exercise...have I flexed my tush for you lately? Did you guess what this is? Since we're on the subject of butts. It's a deer butt doorbell. Perfect for when the home teachers come or any father who likes hunting, or anyone with an affinity for hairy carcases.

Fav Song - I truthfully have no idea! I have many moods - it depends on the mood I'm in. I appreciate all music at different times.

Fav Author - Leo Tolstoy. I'm a friek - I like the old stuff. I wish I could time travel back to so many older time periods - Renaissance, Revolutionary War times, Pioneer days. Especially if I could do it with Bill and Ted. Righteous.

Fav Dessert - Chocolate!!!!! But, I took myself cold turkey off sugar a month ago and now I can empathize with people who have addictions. I seriously had the sweats, was raving mad and had the shakes. Poor family.
Picture of Me

Second one in is Andrea Stroud. She's a prophetess.

Apparently, I was also in Donna Summer's band.

Well, that's me in a Google image nutshell. No wait, here's me in a Google nutshell. Hahahaha! This was fun.

Shane.... It's been nine years. Happy Anniversary honey. Here's a few of the many things that I love about Shane.... 1. His sense of humor. Not always p.c. and funny as heck. 2. His rugged good looks - a cliche that is entirely true with him - hands off ladies! 3. His full lips. Wish I had full lips to return his smooches with. 4. The fact that he doesn't care that I don't have full lips. 5. His back - one of his best features - love the big broad shoulders! 6. The time he's been spending with the kids and bonding with them. 7. The fact that he wants to be cleaning his gun everytime Ellie's future dates come to pick her up. 8. He plays church music on Sunday mornings when I'm a crazed maniac getting everything ready. 9. He knows how to adequately pack a church bag when necessary. 10. He's trying to learn what doesn't have sugar, wheat, and dairy - it's hilarious. He was totally clueless, but now he's a pro at it. 11. His one liners - I can now say them exactly when he does because they're so predictable. I love that I know him that well though. 12. He knows me so well - he's learned what makes me tick, when to be gentle in his communication and when to call me out on something. 13. He knows to leave me alone once a month and knows that it's not his fault and I'm not really mad. 14. He's not obsessed with himself - there's only enough room for one of us to be I guess. Maybe I should give him a turn someday :-) 15. He's tough - he's one of those guys that would get stabbed with a sword in the old days and still keep fighting his guts out. Hot! 16. He's protective but not a jealous guy. 17. My parents adore him. 18. He can put up with my crazy brothers. 19. He doesn't have a good poker face. I ALWAYS know when he's fibbing. I love that. It would scare me to not know when he was fibbing. 20. He only fibs when it's a good thing. 21. He's an awesome bowler. 22. He's an awesome bball player. 23. He gave up cliff and sky diving for me. 24. He loves sports. 25. He supported me returning to ballet. 26. He watches the kids a ton. 27. He's not obsessed with guy friends. 28. He thinks I'm still hot with no makeup and morning breath. 29. He understands where I come from and why I am who I am. 30. He makes the best scrambled eggs and corn pancakes hands down. 31. He has no idea how to cook with pans other than that - it's cute. 32. He's got skillz on the bbq. 33. He's got skillz on the snowboard.
34. He's got skillz on the wakeboard. 35. He won a Mr. Sexy Legs Contest once - very deservedly so. 36. He took me to the temple - my dream #1. 37. He is the father of our children - my dream #2. 38. He took me to Hawaii - my dream #3.
38. He's agreed to take me to Europe someday - my dream #4. 39. He supported me teaching ballet and piano. 40. He can finish a basement with his bare hands and a How To Book. 41. He can do anything with his bare hands and a How To Book or YouTube videos. 42. He's going to make a treehouse with Max. 43. He considered letting me have a ballet studio in the basement. 44. He has a man room. 45. He's okay with some kids toys in his man room. 46. He'll watch Barbie with Ellie in his man room. 47. He's a genius with electronics - seriously a genious. 48. He's going to be an adorable old man someday. 49. He plays hilarious jokes on my mother and makes her laugh hysterically. 50. He understands why I need to fall off the end of the earth every once in a while. 51. He can burb the ABCs and passed that ability on to our son. 52. He cried when he first held our daughter. 53. He gives great Father's blessings. 54. When we were having a bad storm in AZ, he strapped our emergency kit on his back and went over to our neighbor's house to check on her (she was pregnant) and her 5 children who were home alone that night. 55. He sold his nice car to help pay for my naturopath's bills. (Medicine makes everything worse for me) and he probably doesn't even believe in naturopaths. 56. He gives the best massages hands down. 57. He gives me massage all the time. 58. I can beat him in a wrestling match because he is ticklish. 59. He's been through so much and has learned how to stand on his own. 60. He loves the outdoors. 61. He got me to like camping because he showed me how it's done right. 62. He's very intelligent. 63. He's very good at his profession. 64. He has an ease about him. 65. He puts his arm around me at church. 66. He turns to mush when I scratch his back. 67. He's a math whiz. 68. He went to school part time and worked full time to get his degree and provide for us. 69. He humors my hair-brained ideas. 70. He doesn't care when the bathroom's a mess. 71. He cares about conserving water. 72. He cares about politics. 73. He cares about our financial future. 74. He was scared of girls til he was 16. His first kiss wasn't til around 17.. I think. Those out there who've kissed him can let me know if he's telling the truth or not. 75. He'll watch ice skating and gymnastics with me. 76. He'll sleep next to me while I watch ballet. :-) 77. He doesn't mind having cereal for dinner when I've cooked some weird healthy thing. 78. He loves the Olympics as much as I do. 79. His definition of crescendo....when I TALK LOUDER LIKE THIS! 80. The stripes he makes on the lawn when he mows it. 81. He likes to cuddle. 82. He still tries pick up lines on me. 83. He pays the bills. 84. His massages.85. Did I mention the massages? 86. His determination - when he sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it. 87. His sensitivity - he can be very tender. 88. His taste in movies. 89. His wavy hair. 90. He's not above doing dishes. 91. He hardly ever forgets family prayer. 92. He refused to believe his baby Ellie was ready for a big girl bed. 93. His smile. 94. His winks. 95. He can chuck Max across the whole pool with one arm. 96. He loves our children. 97. He loves me. 98. He is a great leader. 99. He is a great friend. 100. He is a great husband.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Remember the visitor we had in our strawberries? We had another one....a poisonous one this time. Ellie loved it. She takes after her dad - they should have their own show someday. It's now her pet....his name is Nake. I guess cuz he doesn't wear clothes or something. So she hangs out with him without clothes too. He goes where she goes...such a faithful little friend. He doesn't mind her squeezing and stepping on him. It's such a blessing really because I'm busy dealing with "Summer Max" and can't give her any attention. It's a good thing he came around.....

And a good thing he's made of rubber.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It was a good day for pics and they were happy to cheese for me...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Baby is Seven.

I remember the first time I held him. Nothing in my life had made me want to be a better person than that moment. Nothing had given me more of a sense of purpose and a feeling of inadequacy. I didn't feel equal to the task, but knew I would do anything to make myself armed for it. He has been a whirlwind of joy and energy. He tries my patience better than anyone and still melts my heart like no other.

YMCA Little League baseball. He does coach pitch - it's so cute! He prefers soccer though, baseball is too slow for him. But it's been great bonding time with Shane who's allowed on the field and in the dugout. Aren't they handsome fellers!

A friendly visitor..... We went to go water the strawberry plants and look who decided to visit? Luckily, although we have poisonous snakes here, this one was not. He actually eats rodents and other poisonous snakes according to our neighbor...which was the only way I would let Shane actually release him back onto the rear of our property. He loves snakes - he spent an hour playing with it first. It was actually caught in the netting which is why he has those scissors in his hands.

Ellie and Max decide to be best friends every night at bedtime. They start this tackle wrestling match on the prayer rug right after family prayer. It's hilarious....I just wish they would do this before their bedtime!

Ellie has been highly trained....notice she's cutting off Max's circulation thus impairing his reaction time. The defense classes are really paying off - we're not too worried about her and guys later on.

Here's Max's tough face he wanted me to post......

So Ellie LOVES all the Barbie musical movies. She goes into her own little world and gets all sheepish if anyone sees her. It's so cute - my friend Anna gave me her daughter's old Barbie tutu outfit after Ellie was born and Voila! One half-bred ballet dancing 2 year old. Funny thing is the movies are actually very entertaining and Max loves them too. But notice, he's holding two swords while he watches it, so we're not worried yet.

Our Stake does an annual 5K/10K. Shane decided to be a serious runner two weeks prior and he whizzed through the 10K with his sister Brittany who is training for a marathon. I pushed Ellie in the jogging stroller and Max and I did the 5K.

Why waste time?
Ellie has a habit of jumping into Max's bath tub with her clothes on....
We're doing our part to conserve water - she launders her clothes while they're still on.