Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Tagging You...

I was thinking about how much tagging is divulging info about myself which is fun, but I wanted to divulge about you, so I'm creating a new one - I hope you like it!

One great thing about everyone who reads my blog:

Heather - She is the first person who I would choose to have a girl's night out with. She gets slap happy at 9 o'clock and is hilarious!

Brittany - She'd help me any hour of day or night with anything. Most dependable person I know.

Linda - She has absolutely no guile at all. One of the most Christlike people I know.

Cynthia - Determination. She will make things happen that nobody else would believe could happen.

Lindsay - Her honesty and wisdom. If I want to feel good I read her blog.

Dawnelle - I've never had someone make me feel so good about myself. She is constantly pointing out the good in others and never admits how amazing she is.

Emily - This woman is the queen of get-togethers. She can rally the troops and they come lining up in seconds because they know it will be a good time. Such a good and caring friend.

Kate -Her humor and zest for life. And her intuition. She can see right into anyone she's looking at.

Kendra - Such a good example of faith and perseverence. She is constantly working on how to make life even better. She sees potential in everything and everyone.

Laura - Best listener ever. Never seems to tire of my venting and sharing about me me me, blah blah blah. She's heard my stories through thick and thin and never judges me.

Maria - Nothing seems to frazzle her....ever! She makes life and mothering look effortless.

Michelle - So sweet! When she thinks she's being out of line or flustered, she's still being sweet. She loves me through my many many faults and makes me feel like a good person.

Rachel - One of the most righteous people I know. She is always serving and helping.

Shelby - Unconditional Love. She sees the good in everyone. She's heard me at a lot of low points and I can vent and know that she loves me, how I am, unconditionally. And she's frieking hilarious. And she's one of the most humble people I know. She just had cancer, so she gets three things said about her.

Jessie - Her honesty. I love how she always says it how it is. And she's hilarious even when she doesn't know it.

Those are all the links I have on my site - I'm sure I missed someone!


Anyone know that stage where your kid wants to be naked - throws a tantrum EVERY time you try to change the diaper, but isn't potty trained and thinks it's funny to run around peeing in corners? I've got one. We bought her a potty a couple months ago because she was telling us when she had gone potty/poop. I missed the wagon. She went on it a couple times because I told her she could watch her Barbie movie if she stayed on the potty. Eventually she peeed and realized she was going in the toilet. We had a big ol celebration and then life threw us a curve and I couldn't focus on that. Now she's in her terrible twos and knows what I want so she won't do it. And I can't make her. And I can't look frustrated cuz then she wins. She's really young and I'm not that stressed about it, but at the same time, I think she's capable, but not willing. I remember going through that with Max at 2 and a half. Frustrating! But how can I be too upset with this Sleeping Beauty? It's easy to say when they're not screaming at you

"All Done Diaper!!!" Wouldn't that be great - all done with diapers. I agree with her on that, just not where to put the stuff instead of the diaper.

I've Been Tagged

What I was doing ten years ago-
Ah, Senior year of high school – getting ready to graduate and deciding where I was going for college and what my major would be. Did I want to stay in CA at Oakland Ballet and try to train to be a professional ballet dancer or follow the academic route and become an anesthesiologist or English professor? I ended up choosing the academic route – went to Arizona State with a major in English Education with pre-med science qualifications. Didn’t do so hot in my Majors Biology class– there was just SOOOO many hot pre-med guys!!!!! Then I met the hottest guy, married him and didn’t finish my degree – oh well) Loved high school – loved my friends, dances, hanging out. LOVED CALIFORNIA!!!!! I’m a beach girl all the way!

What I was doing five years ago-
Working as a bookkeeper, raising one of the great joys/struggles of my life – Max (Loved him to death!!!! He brought me all the happiness I had! He was also extremely oppositional/defiant and hyper so it took 250% of the energy I really had to practice good parenting) Shane was working full-time and in school so I claim after years of helping put him through I really do have a degree – a PhT (Did you guess it? Putting Husband Through - It’s valid in heaven I hope)

What I was doing one year ago-
Settling into Georgia and our new house. I had no idea that moving across the country to a new climate would be so taxing and exhilarating at the same time! Worrying about Max’s adjustment – creating ways he could make new friends, dealing with a terrible teacher and a kid at school he wouldn’t stop fighting with. Trying to get this monster of a house (it truly is my castle – I’ll be happy here forever) allergy/asthma-proof, child-proof, painted and decorated (which I have done by trial and error – TOO MANY returns!) Having a grand time living by Britt and Erik – spending many a night and weekend playing games, hot-tubbing, watching movies, playing pool, etc. LOVING my first spring since living in the Midwest 15 years ago. I would run to the window to check out the robins and bluejays and cardinals.

What I was doing yesterday-
Practicing for a church musical program. (This ward is always tackling lots of endeavors of which I’m glad to be a part of. I’m surrounded by wonderful and talented people.) Returning something to Michael’s and Coldwater Creek. (I didn’t know Max had an opinion on Crocs, but he’s refusing to wear the ones I bought him), cleaning house, laundry, teaching piano, making dinner for the kids who we’ve recently found out are allergic to wheat, oats, and all dairy products, having a Dancing With The Stars date with my husband and Chinese take-out – he was hero of the night for that!

I enjoy-
A book on the beach, a great steak and salad - any great food for that matter, clothes and shoes, ballet, piano, singing, children, friends, family, going on a cruise with Shane

Five TV shows I love-
Lost, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Office

Five things I hate-
Alarm clocks, when people judge (including when I do it), when I say the wrong thing and look selfish, weather under 65 degrees, singing solos, getting blood drawn, cleaning my toilets

Five biggest joys in my life-
Friends, family, my husband’s jokes and scrambled eggs, seeing my children grow, spiritual experiences or new information about the gospel - do I really have to stop at 5?

I tag all y'all!!!!! Love to hear about you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

On the starting line...

Yeah, I was selfish and put him in the front to get a picture - sorry guys!

Her first of 4 false starts... good form though.

It was our first really warm day of the year, but by the time we took this picture, the sun had gone down and we had our coats on.

Happy Easter!

Our friend's hosted a Easter picnic and egg hunt at the park - it was so much fun! She had the vision of the scene from Steel Magnolias and it was really close! Except I was the only one with a hat - I guess I'm the only corny one.

We thought Ellie would be clueless and trampled over, but she totally understood and was racing for eggs.

She had a couple false starts, then held back in line eyeing the competition with a fierce and determined look. She looked left, looked right, then sprinted off at the gun and threw a couple elbows along the way to the eggs. Didn't need our help much :-( but it's good she can take care of herself. When she was done, she sprinted off to the lake and tried to step right into the water. She would've gone swimming if I hadn't pulled her back.

I think it's because of her brother playing egg hunt with our decorative eggs at home. I'm going to be finding them until Christmas time. We forgot to tell him to go find the "not so obviously hidden eggs" so he totally took all the eggs in plain sight, then said "Mom, I found 12 in like 2 seconds and finished way before everyone else. " Oops...

And no, we didn't really have a gun.

The loot...


He's a little old for baths with siblings, but we were in a hurry so we threw them both in the tub with lots of bubbles and got some cute pictures.

Dude - my kid's got pecks! He's gonna be working out and dating after I blink again.


Her dress up the other included boots and brazierres. Should I be worried :-0 ??? It was hilarious. She used them as necklaces. She watched Cinderella for the first time the other week and now when she sees pretty things, she says, "Ohhhh, pretty 'rella!" Translation: "Oh, pretty - like Cinderella!" I've been outnumbered in the feminine department - this is nice. (I know you can relate Lindsay!)

Another mess...

While I was trying to get ready - she dumped the whole box of cereal on the floor and spread it all out.

Her attempt at looking sorry....notice she's still got the mischevious smirk.....

At least she waited til two years old to do this....Max started once he came out of the womb and hasn't stopped since. :-) They are such sweet kids - just so busy and curious and hyper! It was funny though, everyone in nursery tells me how she's the only one that will sit still at the table and be calm and kind. She acts like she's at a tea party in nursery and then like a drunk at a party at home :-) I do love her spunk though.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


She's officially acting like a two year old. She climbs on the table to play with the light fixture, she climbs on the piano and stands on the keys to get the candy for my piano students on top, she can tear apart Max's organized room (his version of organized which is an assortment of houses made out of misc items for his stuffed dogs, garages for his toy cars, etc) in 20 seconds flat, knock down all the books from the bookshelf in ten seconds....the list goes on.

Every time I attempt to feed her, most of it ends up on the floor - she'll eat two things currently - cereal and cheese. I think we spend $50 a month to feed the floor. She can irritate Max so well he cries. She can chew and spit out all the gum in my purse in a minute.

But, She can also count to 10, melt our hearts with hugs and kisses (she'll turn my face towards her to kiss my lips), play tag with Max till their pooped, say her own prayer....so you know, it balances out. :-)

Her First Oreo Face...

Where have I been?

Dealing with this is one of the reasons I've been MIA. We had a big storm that uprooted our biggest poplar tree in the back. It fell on our neighbor's tree which held it up for a few days and then they both fell and took down his fence. It's been a chore, but we went ahead and had them cut down a few trees and all the big bushes and brush, so now we know what our land looks like.
Max and Shane love to go romping out there. We've got plenty of firewood now! Shane's excited to rent an excavator and grade it. I can't wait for a swingset for Ellie and Max can't wait for the fire pit they're going to do. Fun projects for the future...if we could just finish what's on our plate now.