Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is what happens when you send an 8 year old boy to help his sister get ready for bed......they called it "Super Diaper Baby".

We did it!

Ever since my friend, Laura, did a sprint triathlon, I've been itching to do one - they sounded like so much fun, a great challenge, and perfect training for someone with what I call exercise ADD (a side effect of ballet where we change what we do every few minutes, I think)

Shane and I did our first trial run with some guys from our church. It was pouring rain and sooooo much fun! We've had a blast training together. I can't talk when I run because of my asthma so he has to talk the whole time....which isn't usually his style. I love hearing so much from him! He hung back with me since we were on some major roads and we finished in 1 hour 49 minutes - a little longer than we had hoped, but hopefully we'll shave some time off for our race in Savannah Oct 31st. This is such a great excuse for us to travel away for a few days at a time too!

Left out....

Ellie has a hard time once in a while going to bed while there is something fun going on downstairs. So, she'll come down and we'll walk her back up, then she'll sneak down and go to sleep in various inconspicuous spots....usually the bottom stair. This time, she went for a firmer surface because it was a few feet closer to us I imagine.

Daddy's Coming To My Class!

I love this picture of them - Shane came to her creative movement/gymnastics class and she was so excited. Last semester the teacher banned him because every time he came, she would just show off for him and not listen :-) We have a new teacher this time, so we'll see how long it takes for that to happen again.