Monday, December 27, 2010

Gaylord Opryland - one of Shane's clients is Gaylord Opryland and I got to accompany him on his last trip to their location in Nashville. They had it decked out for the holidays and it was much fun. My goal was to get all my Christmas shopping done in these two days and found out when we arrived that the Opry Mills next door was still closed from the floods. So, I managed to get presents for just about everyone from Bass Pro Shops, Cracker Barrel and the hotel shops :) Yes, that man next to the gigantic poinsettia tree is my handsome husband!

Max received his third belt this week. This is Mr. Burns, his karate Master who is a 4 time world champion. He is wonderful and Max is learning self-confidence, responsibility, respect, self-control and strength to name a few.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We spent Thanksgiving with Brandi this year (not pictured because she was actually quite sick and was napping during the meal). It was fun to have her here for a week - the kids especially loved it! Why yes, I did cook that turkey, yay! The kids couldn't get enough of the sparkling juice.

Uncle Shucks - time for the fall corn maze where mom has panic attacks. Luckily, we went with a bunch of friends, one of whom was brilliant at getting us through before any kids (or pregnant me) had to go to the bathroom.
Ellie humored us here smiling for the camera, then told us she was actually scared while riding the pony.
Scouting Ceremony - so proud of Max's hard work...he's becoming more decorated than mom would like to sew :)


Ellie's first day of independent preschool (we did a co-op for two years....and that was about enough for momma). Her teacher is my awesome friend Jessica - a former kindergarten teacher. She gets to go with her church friends and cousin Reese, so she's loving it!