Friday, April 24, 2009

The Tale of A Caterpillar Hunt...

Max has found many a caterpillar and sister has been longing to find one for herself since he won't share due to her love of squeezing, moving and loving them to death. Today we had a picnic lunch outside and ....

Off to look

Here maybe?

Over here?


Look Ma!

He crawls here...
He crawls there...

He crawls everywhere!Storytime, Caterpillar
Love you. Time for bed, night night!
He's now deceased under our refrigerator. She had "not so gently" handled him so much he was just about dead, so we brought him inside to make a habitat. I left her inside with him while I got some leaves and branches. When I came in, she was screaming, "Caterpillar, caterpillar - I can't reach, Mommy!" He had crawled under our fridge to escape his captor. Luckily she took the news well that I couldn't move it and he would have a new home there. :-)
Our poor kids don't do have the fun things others do,...seems like every kid's in every sport, taking every vacation to every neat spot, getting every cool toy everyone has....however, every spring break Max does get to go to his Nana and Grandpa's house in NC by himself (thanks much to the fact that they don't have an aversion to driving.) They are so good to us.

So, here's Max in his own world on the beach of the inlet around the corner from their many prepositions can I fit in one sentence!?! Oh, and one target practice with the nerf gun. Love this boy....and now we love spending time with him too :-) He is doing so much better with the help of many wonderful and caring people. He is healthy, happy and is the person that was hiding on the inside all along.

3 going on 13..ellie and brandi glam-ing it up with the help of dad. Cutest thing - him drying her hair has occurred on more than one occassion :-) such a good daddy

The secret is to blend....a little dab will do ya.