Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sorry to my Facebook friends - you see these all in double. But, I put the more risque ones on Facebook so you're extra lucky.
Shane took me out for a well-planned b-day overnight celebration. It was WONDERFUL! He rented a Mustang, drove me down to the Buckhead Westin, took me to dinner at Maggianos, movies - saw Benjamin Button and did a little shopping at the mall across the street the next morning. Fabulous little getaway - we should do it every year! (And the amazing thing was the Mustang rental was free from work and the $360 hotel was $75 on Priceline!!!)

The 'Stang

The Westin - Buckhead skyline

Dinner - sooooooooo much food! Look at us - we're so stuffed we can't even smile all the way.

Movies - what did you guys think of Benjamin Button?

Max and Ellie's first Starbucks hot chocolate. Watch Ellie.....

Ellie and Max: "Mmmmmm... this hot chocolate is wonderful, mom. Thank you."

Ellie: "Wait a minute... he still has some?"

(Max proceeds to walk away leaving his unguarded) Ellie: "I think I'll just take that, thank you."

"Right about there as far away from Max would be juuuuuuust right." Sneaky little devil.

The two little houligans hyped up on sugar....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We drove to my parents' in North Carolina for Christmas this year. The weather was freakishly warm the day after Christmas so we went straight to the beach. Here's some pics from that, but unfortunately when I cleared my camera of the Christmas day pics, the website I uploaded them to won't allow me to access the raw file from my home computer so crap about that. But, this was probably the highlight anyway. Well, it's between this and the movie theater with a snoring man to our right, two stoned with the munchies and food they couldn't keep quiet to our left and the lady in front of us asking her husband questions in an insanely loud voice. Hmmmm.

Cold water and street clothes didn't stop him - he was wet from waist down by the time we went home.

We had a fan blowing on her for this shot. She's got the far-off pensive look down - we're now working on her "you're a tiger" shot.

This would make you think they were working cooperatively on the sandcastle - not so much.

She loves her daddy!

Grandpa's kite flying skills. Ellie managed to hold it without letting it go for a really long time - I was shocked!

The lovely birds that don't leave you alone if you feed them. The kids practically had them eathing out of their hands just as we ran out of our food. We went home hungry, but Ellie talked about that the whole way home. My rough and tough husband has a secret fear of things flying around his head. Wish I had gotten a picture of him with the birds swarming. He can girly scream wayyyyyy better than me.