Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah Triathlon

Well, we had our official triathlon last weekend in Savannah, Georgia. It ended up being unofficial really, because the swim was replaced with a second run due to toxic levels of migratory bird poop in the lake. I was sooooo mad then grateful that they actually test the water before-hand. Otherwise I guess we might all be vomiting by the finish line. We had so much fun getting away by ourselves. Here are some highlights.

After we had a cajun lunch on the river we went to the fountain at Forsyth Park. Hundreds of years old - made of cast iron. "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" stuff.

I got kinda thirsty.....

This one is only posted to make the next one funnier....

Me wondering when I'm going to live on the beach. I'm definitely "at one" there. One of my dreams is to have a year's time to live beachfront and finish my novel....someday.

Yeah, I'm wearing heels, but I love fashion and we could only be there for a little while. We had dinner here on Tybee Island. The second best meal I've ever had...filet mignon, parmesan mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and onion straws. And dessert - don't even get me started. We took it to go and ate it right after our race the next day. I would drive the 4 1/2 hours just to eat there - the Sundae Cafe right in between a gas station and liquor store oddly enough.

On to a ghost tour the night before the race. Heard some cool freaky stories. We were bummed we couldn't go in the haunted houses though. Lots of downtown Savannah is built on mass slave graves who died of yellow fever and other reasons. It is known as the most haunted city in the U.S.

The morning of the race - very appropriate for Halloween Day. It burnt off by race start and ended up being in the low 80s. We were glad some of the run was shaded - the water station ran out during our first mile.

Pre-Race. Transition Area.

Post-Race. I like this one for some very obvious reasons. He stayed with me the whole race - it was so fun. I finished 8th out of 26 novice contestants. Since the swim was cancelled, we ran a mile, biked 13 (maintained an average of 24 miles per hour - yay!) then ran another 3.1. I think our time was 1:32. I'm sure he could've blown by me, but was sweet enough to be right with me and even hold my hand during one of the photo ops.