Monday, December 27, 2010

Gaylord Opryland - one of Shane's clients is Gaylord Opryland and I got to accompany him on his last trip to their location in Nashville. They had it decked out for the holidays and it was much fun. My goal was to get all my Christmas shopping done in these two days and found out when we arrived that the Opry Mills next door was still closed from the floods. So, I managed to get presents for just about everyone from Bass Pro Shops, Cracker Barrel and the hotel shops :) Yes, that man next to the gigantic poinsettia tree is my handsome husband!

Max received his third belt this week. This is Mr. Burns, his karate Master who is a 4 time world champion. He is wonderful and Max is learning self-confidence, responsibility, respect, self-control and strength to name a few.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We spent Thanksgiving with Brandi this year (not pictured because she was actually quite sick and was napping during the meal). It was fun to have her here for a week - the kids especially loved it! Why yes, I did cook that turkey, yay! The kids couldn't get enough of the sparkling juice.

Uncle Shucks - time for the fall corn maze where mom has panic attacks. Luckily, we went with a bunch of friends, one of whom was brilliant at getting us through before any kids (or pregnant me) had to go to the bathroom.
Ellie humored us here smiling for the camera, then told us she was actually scared while riding the pony.
Scouting Ceremony - so proud of Max's hard work...he's becoming more decorated than mom would like to sew :)


Ellie's first day of independent preschool (we did a co-op for two years....and that was about enough for momma). Her teacher is my awesome friend Jessica - a former kindergarten teacher. She gets to go with her church friends and cousin Reese, so she's loving it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I DID IT!!!! I did my first half-marathon! For those of you who know my struggle with asthma, know how big of a deal this is. Then I developed plantar fasciatis during my training and had to start over. But it all worked out, praise God (yes the south is rubbing off on me), and it was a blast. ...the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville, TN with 14 wonderful women and friends...finish time was 2:05:49.

We started off at the Nashville Temple for a session.

Then on to the check-in to get our PINK PERSONALIZED numbers. Next came the Expo for some I didn't get a 13.1 sticker for my car....they're not much of a novelty anymore.

We did a Spaghetti Factory dinner next (and they have GLUTEN-FREE noodles - yay!)

6 am lobby pic. 6 am is only my friend on race days.

See - proof that I really did run it! In fact, I ran water guys down instead of stopping so I could say I didn't walk a lick of it.

The medal has a charm in the middle of it that you can remove and put on a chain necklace.
Some amazing friends that I admire and adore. Showered and heading to Jack's BBQ (which happens to be Oprah's favorite bbq that she has flown in from Nashville) It did not disappoint!
And in VERY CLOSE SECOND to finishing the race was the purchase of my first pair of genuine cowgirl boots from downtown Nashville. I had to a huge happy dance in the store after buying them.
My boy is old enough for Cub Scout Camp! Say what!!??? This was the CUTEST and COOLEST camp. I was amazed at the skill and organization - worth the $125 price tag I was balking at. What more could a boy want? Sports, soda bottle rockets, human foosball, bb gun shooting, pea shooting, the list goes on. Max definitely loved the shooting the most - he was way good at it too - it was kinda intimidating.
This was the sports director. I think he had some experience. They paid really close attention - a bit intimidated.
Da boys
This is the "pick-up trash dance".

Now that's what a boy's supposed to be doing in the summertime - diggin in the dirt!

So these pictures aren't gonna knock any socks off, but this trip marked the first where I accompanied Shane on a work trip to Minneapolis. Shane worked. Here's what I did:
  • Slept in
  • Walked unshowered and barely dressed to the tamale shop in the skyway just off the hotel and got a tamale for breakfast each morning. Brought it back to the hotel room, stuffed my face as slowly as I wanted to.
  • Read what and when I wanted to.
  • Showered as slowly as I wanted to.
  • Walked wherever I wanted to.
  • Went to the bathroom whenever I needed to - if you're a mom, you understand this novelty.
  • Ate lunch when and where I wanted to.
  • Shopped in whatever stores I wanted to and for however long I wanted to.
  • Drank organic teas from places I wanted to.
  • Got waxed for the first time since before I was married.

That was my favorite vacation ever so far. And Minneapolis does not have much to offer, but apparently, you can give me a bed, shower, restaurants, stores and unlimited me-time and I am a rejuvinated girl. Definitely doing it once a year.

They had some pretty neat architecture - for about a block.

It's amazing what life lessons Sponge Bob has taught us. Have you noticed how patient he is amidst conflict, adversity and stupidity of others? Have you noticed how inclusive he is of all around him. He makes us happy.

At the Lego store in Mall of America for kid souvenirs. I hated the Mall of America. The downtown skyway shopping was much better.

For Max's birthday, we surprised him with a trip to Medieval Times - it was AWESOME. He loved it, he was totally surprised and the night was magical.

Dragon's Blood courtesy of our wench who was quite wenchy.

Ok, if you know Max, you know that face is total enthrallment.

Some friends of ours happened to be there too so what did the kids do afterwards, but of course, a whole battle.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pops and I after the Beaufort 5k. My time 25:51, his was 21:something. And that was while he wasn't feeling well! He got second in his age division and I got third in mine - just out of medal range, darn it. He didn't even stay to get his medal - don't think the garage would hold any more. It is always a highlight of my life to run with him. Love you Dad!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our friend's Rock Band Party

Yeah that's my dentist... he's really quite professional. And he's not wearing his wife's pants, I swear....really, he's not.

I think we were passing midnight about now...Shane wouldn't give the mic up.

Nothing like a little Pink!