Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our friend's Rock Band Party

Yeah that's my dentist... he's really quite professional. And he's not wearing his wife's pants, I swear....really, he's not.

I think we were passing midnight about now...Shane wouldn't give the mic up.

Nothing like a little Pink!

Spring Recital 2010...the product of my work and what pays for our food and medicine. LOVE these kiddos. A twinge of sadness without sweet Hailey - my student who passed away in December, but like her mom was telling me, she is playing a celestial piano now. My boys really rose to the occasion this year - they were all business getting the job done. The group picture is minus 4 kids who had to leave early.
Some moms shopped at the same shoe store :)
A little practice session and pep talk before it starts for this little 6 year old...

A little incentive never hurts...
Look at this smile while playing!

Whew.... done with Fur Elise. That's a happy girl - she worked so hard and made everyone including herself proud!

He played Piano Concerto Theme like a master! I'll be sad when it's time to pass him on. He's awesome!

Can't blame him - it was just shy of two hours.

The third time is the charm! I've been nursing a garden and finally decided to put them all in containers on my porch. We'd been battling slugs, birds, snakes and rodents. Shane rigged a mobile of shiny old cds that spins around reflecting light that is WORKING against the birds. Growing up we always had a garden in the Midwest and this is bringing back great memories. I do not have a green thumb but I'm working on it...the prophet said to plant a garden :)


Green, Yellow and Jalapeno Peppers

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Camping with some family and friends at Lake Hartwell this weekend...oh how we wanted a boat! No luck catching any fish, but they all had fun tryin!

The girl Max may very well marry someday - he's never so sweet and polite as he is with her. He adores her in his own way that he would surely deny if asked.

Ellie's favorite man next to her dad and grandpa....Mikey. She would only listen to him the whole trip.

Ellie's buds

Some of our favorite littles...

Shane's sister and her hubby


Horseback Riding in North Carolina over Spring Break....they LOVED it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ellie's swim lessons....

We do have a son still....he's just in a "Mom has a camera.....RUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!" stage. could we not take some pics on this beautiful spring day. That's my new car. I'm taking a break from the van for a bit as much as I LOVED my van. It was aging and needed some work and I wanted a little respite before I go back to one again....thinking Shane will prob drive this new car after his dies and then Max will in 5 1/2 years when he gets his permit. It's a V6 Accord with all the bells and whistles - so fun! I love my last Accord and this one even more (but nothing yet beats my '86 Camaro...sniff sniff)